2014 National Awards

Award Nominations

Year in and year out, youth service professionals, dedicated volunteers and community organizations work diligently to strengthen youth and families in communities across the country. National Safe Place Network is honored to recognize those making a difference in the lives of youth.

To make a nomination, please select an award from the list below. The awards nominations deadline is July 1, 2014.

Corporate and Community Involvement Award

Agencies thrive when they have at least one special corporate or community partner. This partner helps with financial or in-kind needs, and often supplies employees as volunteers. Corporate partners know business is enhanced when they have a connection to agencies that are working to resolve community needs. The successful nominee will be a partner that has consistently gone above and beyond the expectations of the local program.

Culture of Respect Award

This award honors those who champion the cause of justice and equality. The recipient of this award will exemplify this spirit by demonstrating consistent professional and/or organizational development in the area of cultural competency and social justice. They will also demonstrate leadership in securing or maintaining access to resources, representation, and/or decision-making power for all youth, their families, and community members.

Executive Leadership Award

Many of us have had the privilege to work with an individual who consistently goes out of his or her way to provide quality services for youth and families. Because this person is not directly responsible for administering local programs, his or her support often goes unnoticed. This award seeks to recognize an agency administrator who is consistently dedicated and hard working. The selected nominee must be an administrator with at least one year of involvement with an agency.

Helping Hands Volunteer Award

Volunteers are often the lifeblood and unsung heroes of our programs. This is the opportunity to recognize a youth or adult volunteer who goes above and beyond the call of duty. The selected nominee will show extraordinary dedication to our work and those that we serve. This award for outstanding volunteer achievement is intended to recognize the valuable contribution of youth and adult volunteers who provide direct support and/or services, participate in fundraising or community awareness activities, etc. Consideration will be given to nominees who regularly volunteer and have:

  • Displayed outstanding commitment and contributed a significant amount of time in volunteer hours; and,
  • Made a significant financial contribution or assisted in raising a large contribution toward your agency’s work.

HEROES for Youth Award

Each year, NSPN honors one individual who has made an extraordinary contribution nationally to the services provided to at-risk youth. The lives and work of the selected nominee will provide an opportunity to learn about both the important strides that have been made in serving at-risk youth and the challenges still inherent in the field. HEROES serves as an acronym for individuals who:

  • H – Hear the voices of at-risk youth
  • E – Engage in the discussion
  • R – Respond to the call
  • O – Observe the need for change and take action
  • E – Educate and encourage key stakeholders to make a positive difference
  • S – Significantly change the lives of at-risk youth for the better

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is presented to an individual whose distinguished record of professional achievements and accomplishments has spanned decades and improves the lives of youth and families. The selected nominee’s contributions are so outstanding that their influence is of lasting importance to the entire spectrum of youth and family services and their community. The award recipient will have demonstrated:

  • Commitment to youth and families and services provided to enhance the lives of those in need;
  • Commitment to the values of the National Safe Place Network as demonstrated through participation and support of the work carried out by NSPN and its affiliates;
  • Commitment to advancing the field of youth work through support of innovative programming, collaboration, advocacy and research; and,
  • Commitment to serving as an exemplary role model to youth, families and community members.

Safe Place Coordinator of the Year

Each year, the Safe Place Coordinator is the key component of a successful program. Many coordinators work additional hours or under difficult circumstances to ensure that a program reaches its goals. Essential Coordinator duties include successful fundraising, increasing public awareness, and positively representing the local agency and National Safe Place. This award seeks to recognize the Coordinator who provides quality Safe Place program management and does so without expecting recognition for their invaluable efforts. The successful nominee will have a minimum of one year of Safe Place involvement.

Safe Place Site Excellence Award

Year in and year out, Safe Place sites across the country open their doors to troubled youth; however, some sites do much more. Whether it is helping with fundraising, providing volunteers or services for special events, promoting Safe Place or being a source of moral support for Safe Place staff, the selected nominee sets the standard of supporting and providing assistance for local youth and the Safe Place program.

Model Program Award

This award recognizes agencies that have developed creative and innovative ways to improve service delivery to youth and their families. It will be awarded to an agency who meets the following criteria. The agency:

  • Has developed a program which demonstrates creativity and innovation in providing services to youth and families;
  • Has demonstrated program effectiveness through evaluation efforts;
  • Has potential for replication in other communities; and,
  • Demonstrates effectiveness through testimonials from clients and other agencies.

Together We Can Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize those special people who embody the mission and values of the National Safe Place Network and its affiliates. Nominees for this award are those persons who go the extra mile to ensure that quality and consistent services are delivered every day and that NSPN reaches its goals. They are the leaders embracing the principle of “Together We Can.

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