Make a “HEROES for Youth” Nomination

Know a HERO? Nominate them for our annual “HEROES for Youth” Award!

Each year, National Safe Place Network honors one individual who has made an extraordinary contribution nationally to the services provided to at-risk youth. The lives and work of individuals recognized as HEROES provides an opportunity to learn about both the important strides that have been made in serving at-risk youth and the challenges still inherent in the field.

HEROES serves as an acronym for individuals who:

H – Hear the voices of at-risk youth
E – Engage in the discussion
R – Respond to the call
O – Observe the need for change and take action
E – Educate and Encourage key stakeholders to make a positive difference
S – Significantly change the lives of at-risk youth for the better

Additionally, award recipients have:

  • Developed effective, innovative responses to the needs of youth
  • Demonstrated exemplary youth advocacy efforts
  • Exhibited broad leadership and commendable service
  • Achieved recognizable accomplishments and positively influenced the field of services to youth

Nominations and Selection

Nominations for HEROES may include those active in their career, retired or posthumous. The bulk of nominees’ achievements should have occurred within the past 25 years.

Think broadly as HEROES may include anyone who has effected broad, positive changes in the lives of at-risk youth. HEROES may come from, but are not limited to, the following fields:

  • Youth service professionals
  • Business, civic and political leaders
  • Athletes, artistic and literary figures, and entertainers
  • Members of the media
  • Academics and researchers
  • Members of the medical/public health and legal communities

Self-nominations will not be accepted.

All nominations will be forwarded to an impartial review and selection committee comprised of representatives from national youth-serving organizations and a Southwest Airlines representative. The committee will make the final decision on HEROES selections.

Submission of Nominations

Complete the Nomination Form Online


Download the Nomination Form and send to Hillary Ladig via the following methods:

Email: Hillary Ladig at

National Safe Place Network
HEROES for Youth Award
2429 Crittenden Drive
Louisville, KY 40217

Fax: 502-635-3678

The HEROES for Youth award recipients will:

  • Be asked to sign a release granting National Safe Place Network permission to use descriptive material and photos without compensation for the express purpose of promoting recognition of the recipient, the award and the organization.
  • Receive an honorary HEROES for Youth award.
  • Be profiled on the HEROES for Youth section of the Safe Place and National Safe Place Network websites that detail the contributions of award winners.
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