Building A Safety Net For Youth

Start a new Safe Place program and begin giving the gifts of help and safety to youth in your area.

The following actions need to occur in order to start a Safe Place program:

  • Assess the needs of the community in regard to runaway incidences, abuse and neglect allegations, existing outreach and education efforts, access to shelter services, and existing collaborations with businesses and community organizations.
  • Provide community leaders with data substantiating the need for Safe Place, how it will benefit the community, and data regarding the utilization of Safe Place in other communities.
  • Identify financial resources for the program.
  • Send a “letter of intent” and a program implementation plan to National Safe Place Network. Please contact the National Safe Place Network office for more information about this requirement.
  • Once the implementation plan is approved, National Safe Place Network will forward a Safe Place License Agreement granting permission to establish the program and use the Safe Place logo.
  • The staff member(s) responsible for Safe Place implementation and coordination will be required to participate in a comprehensive Safe Place implementation training session.

National Safe Place Network staff will provide on-going consultation during the implementation planning period and beyond.

Support from National Safe Place Network includes:

  • On-going consultation with National Safe Place Network staff through telephone and email communication, webinars and, in some cases, agency visits;
  • Quality standardized Safe Place materials;
  • Access to a password-protected area of the national Safe Place website;
  • National Safe Place Network newsletters, electronic updates, and funding opportunities on a regular basis
  • Access to the national Safe Place database with extensive reporting features;
  • Legal protection of the Safe Place logo;
  • Advocacy efforts on behalf of disconnected youth in conjunction with National Safe Place Week and throughout the year
  • State, regional and national networking opportunities;
  • On-going training opportunities in pertinent areas of interest;
  • Professionally produced video presentations and public service announcements.

If you are interested in learning more about how to begin the Safe Place program, please email us or contact the National Safe Place Network office at (502) 635-3660.

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