Rules: Do You Focus?

Do You Focus?

Are you ready to play the 2014 edition of Do You Focus?

Put on your thinking cap and position your fingers on your keyboard as you compete with friends and colleagues to be the FIRST to guess the correct song title after reading the daily clues!

How To Play

From June 9 until September 19, clues will appear on the NSPN and Safe Place website homepages that will hint at a specific song related to the FOCUS 2014 Conference theme – “Walk a Mile in My Shoes.” Those who wish to take on the challenge may fill out the Do You Focus? answer form (below) to submit guesses to identify the song title. As the week progresses, more clues will appear each day bringing the song title into focus. Participants will have until Friday at 3:00 PM EST to submit answers.

Participants may submit more than one answer per clue. The song title, along with the name of the winner, will be revealed on Friday of each week.

How To Win

Everyone can be a winner!

1 point – every answer submitted receives one point*
1 point – every correct answer submitted receives an additional point**
5 points - be the first person to answer correctly on Monday**
4 points - be the first person to answer correctly on Tuesday**
3 points – be the first person to answer correctly on Wednesday**
2 points - be the first person to answer correctly on Thursday**

*Not sure if your answer is correct? That’s OK, keep guessing and earn at least 1 point for every answer you guess.

**Once you guess correctly, additional identical guesses will not count.

Example: The first person to guess correctly on Monday will be awarded 1 point for submitting an answer, 1 point for submitting the correct answer and 5 additional points for being the first person to correctly guess the answer – for a total of 7 points. All others to guess correctly on Monday will be awarded 1 point for submitting an answer and 1 point for submitting a correct answer – for a total of 2 points.

Winning is simple. Be the first person to correctly identify the song title and begin collecting points.

The participant that is the first to correctly identify the most songs by September 19 will be the Overall Game Winner.


The Overall Game Winner will receive a $50.00 gift certificate. The winner must be a registered conference participant.

Runaway Games – Points earned will be awarded to the team of the participant’s choice during the Runaway Games. Even if you are not able to attend the conference, you can still help your team gain points for the Runaway Games. Participants who will not be at FOCUS 2014 can have their points transferred to another participant.

What are the Runaway Games?

The Runaway Games first began 30 years ago as an annual tradition of the YFSN conference. These games have continued because of the commitment of participants to enjoy each other, to celebrate the spirit of teams and to celebrate each year’s commitment to youth and families. The Runaway Games are officially open to all teams – come one and all – who are willing to laugh at themselves with each other!


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