National Safe Place Week

National Safe Place Week will be celebrated nationally on March 19-25, 2017 (#NSPWeek2017). This annually recognized week shines at spotlight on Safe Place, an outreach an prevention program for youth in crisis. NSP Week serves to recognize the many valued partners who work together to provide immediate help and safety for all young people. It is a dedicated time to acknowledge licensed Safe Place agencies, Safe Place locations and community partners and volunteers. These individuals and groups are the pillars of strength that support the national safety net for youth.

NSP Week garners support for Safe Place and calls attention to local and national issues affecting youth. Well-planned awareness activities provide opportunities for individuals and organizations to share information about Safe Place and youth in crisis as well as opportunities to get involved in local Safe Place program efforts. Effective NSP Week activities:

  • Increase awareness about Safe Place;
  • Provide opportunities for advocacy;
  • Build community support for Safe Place and licensed Safe Place agencies; and,
  • Recognize individuals, organizations, and businesses involved in Safe Place.

NSP Week 2017 will be celebrated nationally using the following themed days:

  • Safe Place Sunday – March 19
  • Make Some Noise Monday – March 20
  • Tell-All Tuesday – March 21
  • We Stand Together Wednesday – March 22
  • TXT 4 HELP Thursday – March 23
  • Friends of Safe Place Friday – March 24
  • Safe Place Site Visit Saturday – March 25

Stay tuned to this page for more information about NSP Week 2017, including ways to get involved and celebrate Safe Place!

  • Safe Place on Twitter
  • Safe Place Facebook
  • Safe Place Wordpress
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