What are people saying about Safe Place?

“Since 1983, Safe Place has mobilized public and private resources to help kids when they need it most. Safe Place is making a difference for youth at risk across America.  Without Safe Place, millions of kids would be at greater risk than they are today. We believe in it and support it enthusiastically and without reservation.”
Ernie Allen
President, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Washington, D.C.

“McDonald’s stores designated as Safe Place sites allow young people to connect to the help they need. We are proud to play a role in keeping youth safe.”
Jeff Stratton
Corporate Executive Vice President and Chief Restaurant Officer, McDonald’s, Oak Brook, Ill.

“The web of Safe Place sites throughout our community is a crucial safety net for young people. Youth know that they have a place to go to feel protected and are able to connect to resources to help their situation. Whether they feel in danger or are leaving an unsafe situation, they can always get help fast at a Safe Place. While teens may not recognize our agency name, they always recognize the Safe Place logo.”
Jane Harper
President and CEO, Family Resources, Inc., Pinellas Park, Fla.

“There are already Safe Place programs and sites in many of the 64 cities Southwest Airlines serves nationwide, so our partnership is a great opportunity for us to support the national program and plug into local efforts. We’re pleased to be a part of an organization that is helping our youth grow into productive, capable members of the U.S. workforce.”
Linda Rutherford
Vice President of Public Relations and Community Affairs, Southwest Airlines, Dallas, Texas

“QuikTrip has been involved with Safe Place since 1989. Safe Place is a good partnership between the public and private sector of communities. From a public relations standpoint, involvement with Safe Place is not tremendously expensive for the amount of exposure the program generates. As far as the actual help that children and families receive, a price can’t even be measured. Safe Place will literally save some children’s lives.”
Debi Friggel
Community Affairs and Public Relations Coordinator, QuikTrip Corporation, Tulsa, Okla.

“TARC’s association with the Safe Place program has proven to be a tremendously successful win-win situation. Young people throughout our service area know they can access help during times of personal crisis by simply boarding a TARC coach and asking for help. We would urge all transit systems to consider this program.”
J. Barry Barker
Executive Director, TARC (Transit Authority of River City), Louisville, Ky.

“Project Safe Place gives teens in our community a safe haven and a helping hand whenever and wherever they need it most. Cloverleaf Mall was proud to be the initial sponsor for Safe Place in Richmond. Cloverleaf Mall joined with other committed businesses and community volunteers to make the Safe Place program available in the Metro Richmond area.”
Jay B. Lafler, SCSM
Vice President, Commercial Properties Management, Richmond, Va.

“In 1985, Kroger Louisville Marketing Area began their partnership with Safe Place and designated all of our city stores as Safe Place sites. Kroger, as a leader in our community, is committed to being actively involved with organizations that make our community a better place to live and work. Project Safe Place is just another example of our commitment to this objective. The time and monetary commitment is minimal, and the knowledge that we could be a safe haven for even one teen in crisis is more than enough reward.”
John Hackett
President, Kroger Food Stores, Louisville Marketing Area

“The fire service has been a part of the Safe Place program since its beginning. I urge all fire departments to partner with their local youth shelter agency to implement this worthwhile program.”
Garry L. Briese, CAE
Executive Director, International Association of Fire Chiefs, Fairfax, Va.

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