Why do youth need Safe Place?

Youth may experience difficult problems during their young lives: abuse, neglect, family troubles, dangerous dating situations, bullying, homelessness, drug abuse, etc. These, among other problems, may lead young people to make difficult, and sometimes dangerous, decisions in an effort to escape what it is they are going through. Sometimes, youth feel they don’t belong, and leaving home is often not a choice they want to make. Yet, national agencies estimate that between 1.6 and 2.8 million youth run away from home each year.

No matter the reason, young people have a place to turn in times of need. Youth may visit any designated Safe Place site location and receive immediate help. They may also TXT 4 HELP to receive information about the closest Safe Place location and to chat with a professional for more help.

Children and teens deserve access to a Safe Place and a chance to work through their problems with the support of caring adults.

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